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Asset Forfeiture


Assest or Property

The government has the power to seize your assets and property if it is connected to illegal activity. Criminal convictions can result in a criminal forfeiture case, where your assets and property can be seized by the government.

Civil forfeiture cases are more complex. The government can seize your assets or property if they believe it is connected to illegal activity, even if you’re not charged or convicted of a crime in a civil forfeiture case.

There are three different scenarios that can lead to civil or criminal forfeiture:

I have represented clients being investigated for drug crimesmoney laundering and other criminal offenses that have resulted in civil forfeiture issues. It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. What may seem like a friendly interview can turn into criminal charges down the road.

Civil & Criminal Representation

The Brasuell Law Firm, in Little Rock, has represented clients in federal and state civil and criminal forfeiture cases in Arkansas. Cash forfeiture or property forfeiture can significantly impact your finances and peace of mind.

Civil cases are difficult. You need to be careful not to incriminate yourself during a civil investigation. Your case may start off as a civil investigation but self-incrimination can lead to you facing very serious criminal charges.

This is why you need a skilled criminal defense attorney with a civil litigation background. I have extensive experience handling criminal and civil cases and understand the serious implications of civil forfeiture cases. I will guide you through the process, protect your rights and work to proactively find a solution.